13 Reasons Why SEASON TWO


I'm typing this after I asked my husband to look ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE for the Zofran I was prescribed a couple of months ago when I had the flu. I must've thrown it out when I was feeling better and I can't tell you how much I regret that decision. Why? Because I just finished season 2 of 13 reasons Why...

I am so. incredibly. sick. to. my. stomach. I'm not kidding at all.

Here is my plea: DO NOT WATCH IT. Do not let your kids watch it and tell your friends the same.   I know, how could I say that after my plea during season 1 for you to definitely watch it (other than the graphic scene in the last episode)? This season is a whole new ballgame and in my opinion, full of unnecessary things. For instance, one scene shows a porn star's web cam with nudity. I want to be clear on WHY I think this is unnecessary. I firmly believe that it is impossible to raise awareness for sexual abuse/assault and try to normalize porn at the same time. The porn industry fuels rape culture and for them to try to have both is absolutely ridiculous and impossible.  FightTheNewDrug.org has a ton of resources of the damage of porn on one's brain and to try and normalize it, as they do on this show, will cause way more damage than they realize. 

The other thing that led me to typing this as I sit on the bathroom floor, hoping my stomach calms down, is the last episode. Just, don't. Read the spoilers, do whatever you have to do, but do not let your kid or yourself watch it. Please. There is a scene that is so disturbing, it led me here, begging you to turn it off and try to get it off of Netflix. I'm praying against a season 3 like never before. This is insane. 

I'm fully supportive of trying to understand what happens in high school by staying tuned into the latest social media trends and remembering what it was like when you were there, hence my initial blog post, which you can read here. But, I have to admit, I retract my full support for this show because of the second season. 

For spoilers, click here so you are aware and can take proper action with your kids. This spoiler only uses one sentence to explain what happens in the most graphic scene I've probably ever seen in my life, but it has to do with rape and you NEED to have a conversation with your kids about what is going on in their school. 

Please reach out with any questions, comments & concerns and pray with me for the safety of our teens. My heart is shattered.